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The holidays. A time of joyful cheer, family togetherness, eating way too much, and remembering the most important things in life. Watching the snow drift down out the window, while curled up beside a glowing fireplace. Drinking hot chocolate, putting up dozens of gaudy decorations. Trying to avoid the more racist relatives, and...


Deadweight, Maine. A town so small and peaceful it doesn't even have a police department, was shocked to find one of its residents murdered, and only a couple weeks before Christmas. 

But as an outside investigator arrives to help catch the culprit, it may be that the sleepy little town was more facade than truth. With whispers of secret rituals in the woods, and strange lights in the sky, the mystery only deepens...    

Can they find the killer before Christmas, and more importantly, before more fall victim, and the town becomes little more than...dead weight?

Deadweight is a murder mystery intended for mature audiences. As such, it includes depictions of dead bodies, mild blood and gore, and some instances of violence. It also includes brief depictions of sexual situations, and strong language throughout. 

Deadweight is also a story about queer characters, written by a queer author. It is not a story than languishes in queer pain and suffering, but it does include instances of characters being misgendered. 

No slurs are ever used. 

Nothing in the text of Deadweight is intended to disturb, or cause emotional distress, these warnings are only here so people can be informed before reading.  


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