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A revolutionary on the run from who she trusted most,

A mech pilot haunted by her past,

A hacker hounded by what they cannot remember,

And a criminal doing what he must to keep his body together.

These four, and others, brought together for one last job, on a galaxy-spanning quest to find a lost piece of history. 

But when it comes down to it, each will have to ask themselves one question...

"What do you Treasure in the Era of Space?" 

This is a feature length novel intended for teen readers and older. It includes depictions of sci-fi action violence, blood/gore, mild profanity, nudity, gender dysphoria, chronic illness, and imperialist fascism. 


What Do You Treasure in The Era of Space epub 2 MB
What do you treasure in the era of space PDF 1 MB

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Available in epub and pdf form, both for FREE, though donations are greatly appreciated. 

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